King Pigeon D220 GSM/GPRS RS-232 DTU 4x GPIO

King Pigeon D220 GSM/GPRS RS-232 DTU 4x GPIO
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King Pigeon D220 GSM/GPRS RS-232 DTU 4x GPIO
Tekniset tiedot:
• GPRS Data Transmission, no distance limitation
• Real-time online data transfer
• Three-wire serial (TXD / A+ RXD/B- , GND), 15KV ESD
• Baud rate adjustable from 1200~115200bps
• Build-in protocol, support TCP/UDP/IP/PPP network protocol
• Embedded 32 bit ARM9-MCU with real-time operating system
• Plug and Play solution can realize data transmission
between com port and internet
• It provides a secure, high speed, reliable wireless
internet connection for customers
• Adopt smart online keeping technology to make sure that
DTU is always online
• Support transparent data transfer and protocol conversion
• Supports point-to-point , Point-to-Multipoint,
Multipoint-to-Multipoint Communication Mode
• Heartbeat function and autodial to ensure the device
• Supports DNS and static data service center IP address
• Supports Remote configuration
• Supports wakeup by SMS, Call and Comport
• Built in hardware Watch Dog Timer to ensure it reliable
and stable
• Industrial class design suitable for long time work
• Mitat: 75mm x 50mm x 16mm

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