King Pigeon RTU5014 GSM Air Conditioner IR-controller POISTOTUOTE

King Pigeon RTU5014 GSM Air Conditioner IR-controller POISTOTUOTE
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King Pigeon RTU5014 GSM Air Conditioner IR-controller

1. Can be operated from anywhere, no distance limitation;
2. No call charges for inquiry. the GSM SMS Air-Conditioner IR Controller rejects the call from authorized number then return status on the first 'ring'
3. Multiple applications. (temperature monitoring, intelligent air-conditioner management)
4. Up to 6 authorized phone numbers, each number can be used to receive call or SMS or both of call and SMS while alarm occurrence;
5. Intelligent professional air-conditioner IR Encoder with
compatible of almost all of the brand air-conditioners (See Air-Conditioner Compatibility of RTU5014 in the user manual.)
6. One human movement detector, if no-body movement in the room then will turn off the air-conditioner automatically. It is useful for saving power consumption in public rooms
7. One Temperature Sensor inbuilt, external connection is available, measures temperatures from +55C to +125C, 0.5C accuracy from -10C to +85C, can setup high and low temperature alarm threshold value to alert the authorized users and automatically turn on the Air-Conditioner to preset working mode.
8. Supports 4 quick operation combine commands, the users can quickly operate the air-conditioner by only one simply SMS command
9. External AC Power monitoring, AC On/OFF will send SMS to authorized phone numbers;
10. Timer Report: Can setup every x hours automatically send its status/Value to the authorized numbers
11. Rechargeable Backup Battery inside can last 8hours
12. Secure - Using caller ID and password for identification, unknown callers are ignored
13. Programmable by SMS Commands with password protection
14. Based on GSM Network, applied to many applications

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Tekniset tiedot:
• GSM-taajuusalue: 900/1800MHz
• SIM-korttipaikka: Tukee 3V SIM-kortteja
• GSM-antenni: 50Ohm SMA-liitin
• Digitaalinen sisääntulo: 1x (Dry Contact, ulkoiselle anturille)
• Lämpötila-anturisisääntulo: 1x (sisäänrakennettu 1xDS18B20, optiona ulkoinen lisäanturi, -55...+125C
• Käyttöjännite: 9...18VDC @ 1A
• Virrankulutus:
- Lepotila: 30...35mA
- Toimintatila: 400mA
• Akku: 3.7VDC@900mAh (lithium), 8h lepotilassa
• Käyttölämpötila-alue: -10...+60C
• Mitat: 150 x 92.6 x 30mm
• Paino: 500g

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