Zebex Z-5160-U CCD Scan Module USB

Zebex Z-5160-U CCD Scan Module USB
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Advanced Middle-Range CCD Scan Module The middle-range scan module is highly customizable and simple to use.

With an easy-to-integrate design and an outstanding scanning performance, this middle-range CCD scanmodule is especially made for embedded scanning solution. Its powerful linear CCD array enables 330 scans per second with a minimum resolution of 4 mil for fast scans. The module has a specially designed CCD scan engine with light beam bright and clear as laser beam that gives user best visual indication and its powerful high resolution CCD acts in remarkable performance.
• Proprietary Ultrascan decoding technology
• Compact industrial housing design
• Flexible communications
• Analog image capture technology
Valmistajan koodi:88M-6000UB-001
Tukkurin koodi:ZEBEX-Z-5160-U
Takuu:24 kk
Oma koodi:115010
Tuote päivitetty:25.1.2014
Tuote lisätty:28.8.2013
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