GlobalTime NTP GTT200 Time Server

GlobalTime NTP GTT200 Time Server
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* Receive signals from GPS satellite system or the dual-satellite system of GPS and GLONASS or compass timing.
* Adopt RFC1119/1305 NTP protocol (Network Time Protocol) to transfer time
* RFC1769/2030 SNTP protocol (Simple Network Time Protocol) support
* Compatible with different Operating System, namely Windows 98/200/NT/XP、Linux、Unix、FreeBSD etc.
* Two 10M/100M adaptive network ports
* Response capability per unit time: >1000 times per second
* High-stability crystal built in, help to maintain highly precise time in a case of an external time source failure (optional)
* User can conduct settings, for example IP setting, through keyboard and display, which brings convenient installation and debugging.
* Support SNMP, with the serial port to enter
* Support HTTPS, can login in web to administrate
* TOD/1PPS/10MHz output support
* Support 220V AC dual-supply or 48V DC power supply
* Support interlocking with two devices, the two time servers’ heartbeat detection with each other and mutual backup improve the timing reliability as well.
* CE/FCC labeled, and RoHS compliant.

* Toimitetaan vain erikoistilauksesta. Mikäli ei maahantuojan varastossa, toimitusaika tällöin 2-4 vk.
Timing performance
Server Time Level: Stratum 1
Server time precision: 1ms
Precision of client time: 10ms
Timing capacity: >1000 times per second
MTBF:> 90,000 hours
Network protocol support
RFC 1119/1305 NTP v2/v3/v4
RFC 1769/2030 SNTP v2/v3/v4
10M/100M adaptive Ethernet
Two network ports
Power supply and the environment:
Power supply: 10W, 110 ~ 264VAC(-48V DC or dual-supply)
Temperature: 0 ~ 50 ℃
Relative humidity: 0 ~ 90%
1U standard rack mount installation

* Toimitetaan vain erikoistilauksesta. Mikäli ei maahantuojan varastossa, toimitusaika tällöin 2-4 vk.
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Tukkurin koodi:GT-T200
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