Planet IPOE-162 Industrial PoE IEEE802.3at Injector High Power 30W

Planet IPOE-162 Industrial PoE IEEE802.3at Injector High Power 30W
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Industrial PoE IEEE802.3at Injector High Power 30W -40C...+75C

Planet IPOE-162 on teollisuusversioinen 1-porttinen 802.3at-standardin mukainen High PoE-injektori, joka syöttää virtaa yhdelle 802.3at PoE-laitteelle. Injektori on alaspäin yhteensopiva myös 802.3af -laitteiden kanssa.

The IPOE-162 is a Single-Port, Mid-Span Industrial IEEE 802.3at High Power over Ethernet Injector providing maximum up to 30 Watts of power output over Ethernet cables. It is specifically designed to fulfill the growing demand of higher power network equipments such as PTZ (Pan, Tilt & Zoom) network cameras, PTZ Speed Dome, color touch- screen / Video and Voice over IP (VoIP) telephones, multi-channel (11a/b/g/n) wireless LAN access points and other Network devices that need higher power to work stably.

Quick and Easy High Power PoE Network Deployment
The IPOE-162 can deliver 30 Watts 56V DC power over Cat.5/5e/6 Ethernet cables which allowing data and power transmitted simultaneously through the cable between the Injector (IPOE-162) and PoE PD (Powered Device) or PoE Splitter (IPOE-162S / POE-162S). The maximum distance between the Injector and Splitter is 100 meters. The IPOE-162 is also compatible with IEEE 802.3af PoE PD or PoE Splitter and provides maximum up to 15.4 Watts power output, like POE-151S and POE-152S do. With Industrial IEEE 802.3at Gigabit High Power over Ethernet devices installed, the system administrator only has to use one single RJ-45 Ethernet cable to carry both power and data to each device. It would make the network deployment more easily and reliably.

Convenient and Reliable Power System
To facilitate the 802.3at High Power PoE usage with common used 24V DC / 48V DC power input or 24V AC power input in transportation and industrial-level applications, the IPOE-162 adopts 24 / 48V DC to 56V power boost technology to solve power source issue but not require special power supplies. The IPOE-162 provides an integrated power solution with a wide range of voltages (24V / 48V DC) for worldwide operability. It also provides dual-redundant, reversible polarity 24V / 48V DC power or 24V AC power supply inputs for high availability applications.
• 2-Port RJ-45 interfaces
 – 1-Port Data + Power output
 – 1-Port Data input
 – One terminal block for master and slave power input. (Power Range: 24 ~ 48V DC / 24V AC
   redundant power)

• Gigabit High Power over Ethernet Mid-Span PSE
• IEEE 802.3at / 802.3af PoE compliant
• IEEE 802.3at / 802.3af splitter devices compatible
• Supports PoE Power up to 30 Watts for each PoE port
• Provides DC 56V power over RJ-45 Ethernet cable to device with Ethernet port
• Auto-detect of IEEE 802.3at equipments and protects devices from being damaged by
 incorrect installation
• Remote power feeding up to 100m

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