Escene HS-108P VoIP SIP Hotelphone PoE

Escene HS-108P VoIP SIP Hotelphone PoE
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Escene HS-108P on hotellikäyttöön suunniteltu IP-puhelin.

Escene launches SayHi HS108 series guestroom and bathroom IP phones for hotel customers. HS108 IP phones specifically targeted at hotel bathroom design, also can used for business hall or other functional service place.It is simple operation hang wall, desktop amphibious calls. Its fashion and technology appearance, excellent voice quality, powerful functions, is to replace traditional telephone calls.The new generation of intelligence communication terminal will match up with communication platform to acheive strong phone functions.Such as the call holding, DND etc.

1) Clear voice
HS108 through the unique voice processing technology that enables voice calls for more clarity and realistic, and communication more fluid.
2) Convenient and fast for Installation and maintenance
Support HTTP/TFTP/FTP Auto-provision
Support HTTP/TFTP/Telnet/Phone setting
Support keypad Reset and Broadcasts IP address
3) Support PoE

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