ESCENE IS-710-V2 VoIP SIP Intercom IP Phone PoE 3W Speaker IP-65

ESCENE IS-710-V2 VoIP SIP Intercom IP Phone PoE 3W Speaker IP-65
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ESCENE IS-710-V2 on metallikoteloitu SIP-tekniikalla
toimiva IP-ovipuhelin ulkotiloihin PoE-tuella.
Tekniset tiedot:
• LAN: 2x 10/100Base-T (1x PoE)
• SIP: V2.0
• Codekit: G.723.1, G.729A, G.711A/U, G.722
• Käyttöjännite: PoE tai 12VDC
• Selainhallittava
• Kaiutin: 3W @ 8 Ohm
• Sääsuojaluokitus: IP-65
• Mitat: 162 x 111 x 42mm
• Paino: 1.1kg
• Hyväksynnät: CC/CCC/ROHS/CE

Key Features:
• One key to dial emergency call for help, realize the bi- directional full-duplex voice intercom.
• Panel adopts advanced wire drawing aluminum alloy
material, high strength damage resistant button, strong and durable.
• Support POE power supply and the external power supply.
• Embedded wall or mounted in the wall, to avoid cable leakage users, to ensure that the internal network information security, provide and remote configuration.
• Built-in speaker and high sensitive microphone, support hand-free calls and receive emergency broadcast
• Adopted seal design, waterproof and dustproof level is
• Support extra access security device, multi-functions provide more perfect service to industry customers.

Phone Features:
• WEB support Multi-Language
• 1 SIP account, Hotline
• Call hold, Call waiting, Call forward
• Call transfer (blind/busy/ask)
• Mute, DND
• Auto-answer, 3-way conferencing
• 1 DSS programmable key(Speed dial, Intercom etc.)
• Volume control
• Direct IP call without SIP proxy
• Default Ring tone 1 selection/import/delete
• Custom Warning Ring tone 2 selection/import/delete
• Time setting(SNTP/SIP Server/Manual)
• Support SIP main/standby server

Advanced Features:
• 1 key to restore the factory value
• 1 DSS programmable key(Speed dial, Intercom etc.)
• 2 input and 2 output control interface, can connect other security equipment
• 1 recording interface, 1 custom warning ring tone interface(using Ring tone 2)

IP PBX System Integration:
• Busy lamp field (BLF), BLF list
• Bridged line appearance (BLA)
• DND & Forward synchronization
• Intercom, Paging, Music on hold
• Call pickup, Dial Plan, Call recording Anonymous call, Anonymous call rejection

Codes and Voice Features:
• Wideband Codec: G.722
• Narrowband codec: G.711
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