3gtrack GS828-HX2 GPRS Datalogger 12xAD 16xDI 6xPS

3gtrack GS828-HX2 GPRS Datalogger 12xAD 16xDI 6xPS
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3gtrack GS828-HX2 GPRS Datalogger 12xAD 16xDI 6xPS 4xDO 2xTemperature 1x Humidity. GS828 GPRS Data Logger is a standalone data logger with GPRSmodule built-in.

It is designed with numerous I/O connecting digital, analog and pulse output devices. It reads data from devices, logs into internal memory and uploads to central station via SMS and GPRS.
Tekniset tiedot:
• GPRS Wireless & SMS Transmission & Data Logging
• Upload Data via GPRS, SMS & RS232 on schedule or alarm triggered
• Programmable data logging and upload interval
• Support Dynamic Domain Name or Fixed IP
• Support UDP / TCP protocol data communication
• Support sensors via analog, digital, pulse channels
• Alert user or report data when analog level is high or low
• Digital Alarm Input & Relay Output
• 4MB Internal Logging Memory
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