Holux GPSport 260 Outdoor Bike GPS, Water Proof

Holux GPSport 260 Outdoor Bike GPS, Water Proof
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Holux GPSport 260 Outdoor GPS, Water Proof

* Multi-function in one single device; 3D Compass/ Pedometer/ Multiple Finder/ Follow Course
* Multiple modes for all kinds of outdoor activities
* TripStart auto records first GPS fix location for Finder point
* Beep alerts for time, speed, distance & altitude
* Quick backlight switch is perfect for day and night
* Real time displays track log & altitude log
* Waterproof IPX7
* Bundled with ezTour Plus & ezPlanner for route planning and manages track logs / photos to preserve you precious memory
* Walking, running, & bicycling to calculate your calorie consumption
* Analyzes sport data by time, distance, speed and elevation

Multiple functions:

* Sport mode: Show time, distance, bar altitude and more.
* Plot mode: 4 plot modes for altitude, speed, time, and distance.
* Follow course: Never get lost with the course guidance function.
* Pedometer: Count your walking steps and calorie burned.
* Multiple-Finder: Save up to 10 finder points.
* Compass: High precision electronic compass.
* History: Show activity statistic, plots, and track view.
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