Escene HS-118P VoIP SIP Hotelphone PoE

Escene HS-118P VoIP SIP Hotelphone PoE
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Escene HS-118P on hotellikäyttöön suunniteltu IP-puhelin.

Escene launches SayHi HS118 series for hotel customers. HS118 IP phone can satisfy most hotel rooms and even the application requirements, beside,it has good expansibility and clear characteristics of quality voice calls.
HS118P is a popular type IP Phone in Sayhi phones series, with modern design, functional, practical and voice clarity characteristics. It accomplished the powerful telephony features by cooperating with the communications platform, such as call transfer, hotline, multi-party conferences, voice mail, interruption-free, etc.
SayHi HS118 series IP phones support defined 10 programmable keys ,and it can define according to the hotel different needs. such as hotel all kind of equipment sevice hotline (housekeeping, ticketing, switchboard, food and beverage, etc.), the hotel special features (alarm clock, voice mail, etc.

1) Clear voice
HS108 through the unique voice processing technology that enables voice calls for more clarity and realistic, and communication more fluid.
2) Support 10 programmable keys
10 programmable keys, Customizable keys define. Example for service hotline(room, tickets, food, clock and voicemail,etc)
3) Advance Call Process
Support 8 lines queuing, Call Sharing/Bridged Lines, multi programming function buttons and Speed Dial buttons.
4) Convenient and fast for Installation and maintenance
Support HTTP/TFTP/FTP Auto-provision
Support HTTP/TFTP/Telnet/Phone setting
Support keypad Reset and Broadcasts IP address
5) PoE Support and AC power adapter

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