Mobotix MX-OPT-MH Tolppakiinnike

Mobotix MX-OPT-MH Tolppakiinnike
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Asennussarja, jolla D24/D25/Q24/Q25-kamerat saadaan kätevästi kiinni tolppiin ja rakennusten ulkokulmiin lisäosan MX-OPT-WH kanssa

Fastening for Dome wall mount MX-OPT-WH
(for D25, Q25 and ExtIO)
3 mm stainless steel, white
Delivery includes mounting parts and 2 stainless steel straps for pole diameters of 60 - 180 mm
Wall mount (MX-OPT-WH) is not included in delivery and has to be ordered separately
Alternatively, a set consisting of pole mount (MX-OPT-MH) and wall mount (MX-OPT-WH) is available

If you would like to mount either the MOBOTIX D22/D24 IT/Sec, Q22/Q24 Sec or ExtIO to a pole, you should consider using the MOBOTIX Pole Mount. This mount can only be used in conjunction with the wall mount. The supplied stainless steel straps allow attaching the mount to poles with diameters between 60 and 180 mm. The Pole Mount is made from 3 mm white powdercoated stainless steel and is just as robust and maintenance-free as the outdoor Wall Mount
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