Zebex Z-6112 U-B 2D Image Reader USB Musta

Zebex Z-6112 U-B 2D Image Reader USB Musta
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427.80 €
- Compact module designed for all kinds of niche applications
- Powerful image sensor yields advanced scanning performance
- Stand-alone as a hands-free scanner or as a scanning module
- Decode most popular 1D and 2D barcodes
- Optional 3D turning cradle
- Flexible communications

* Musta
* Takuu 24 kk.
Valmistajan koodi:88F-12SRUB-001
Tukkurin koodi:ZEBEX-Z-6112-U-B
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Tuote päivitetty:25.1.2014
Tuote lisätty:1.5.2010
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