Zebex Z-5151 U Laser Scan Module USB

Zebex Z-5151 U Laser Scan Module USB
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The Z-5151 is a series of reliable scan module of high speedscanning performance. Small in size, light in weight, durable in structure and fast in reading, this is an overwhelming barcode scanner for varied embedded industrial applications.
• Scan Rate: 500 scans per second
• Depth of field: 45...210 mm
• Light source: 650 nm visible laser diode (VLD)
• Laser class: CDRH Class IIa; IEC 60825 Class 1
• Beeper operations: Programmable tone & beep time
• Input voltage: 5VDC (+-10%)
• Operating Current: 210mA (typical)
• Power consumption: 1.05W
• Dimensions: 66.9 × 52.9 × 32.0mm
• Weight: 210g
• Cable: 2m
• CE & FCC DOC compliance, VCCI, BSMI
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